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30 Apr 2019

Forum Rules

Athera is intended to be a fun, welcoming and friendly environment for all players to play on. As such, we have a list of rules we expect all players to follow with no exceptions.

1.    Forum Spam.

You are not allowed to spam forum threads with unnecessary content. We advise you to make your forum posts of decent length with clear reason as to why you are posting.

2.    Let bygones be bygones.

You shouldn’t bring past negative occurrences back to light without valid reason. By doing this, you only spread negativity.

3.    Respect.

Be respectful at all times. Racism, sexism, mild or excessive profanity, bigotry and other forms of disrespect are strictly prohibited.

4.    Involvement.

We advise not to get involved with subjects that are unrelated to you. Player reports, ban appeals and personal arguments between other players should be dealt with by staff.

5.    Advertising.

Athera is not a medium to be used for advertising. If you are seen intentionally advertising a server, community, website, service … that is not related to Athera or its management team, you will receive a forum ban.

6.    Language.

While you are allowed to speak foreign languages in private messages, we advise you keep the general discussion strictly English. This is to ensure other players can understand what you are saying.

7.    Stay on topic.

We ask that, when commenting on a thread, you stay on topic. If you wish to talk about something else, you can post a new thread.

8.    Keep it friendly.

Conversating on the Athera server happens in a friendly manner. A friendly debate is perfectly fine, as long as you keep it civil.

More rules may/will be added as the need arises. There may be unmentioned, common rules that should be followed and fall under general knowledge when on a Minecraft server or any game.

Umejii · 7 months ago · Last edited: 7 months ago